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What is Polyurea?


Polyureas  are spray-applied membranes that are ideal for protection of metal,  steel, polyurethane foams, concrete structures. Polyureas are also  spray-applied to geo-textile applications and offer a UV stable and  chemical resistant membrane. Cured polyurea can follow any contour and  provide a monolithic containment barrier. Both tough and flexible,  polyureas are membranes that resist thermal stresses and are used to  compensate for substrate cracking.

Polyureas are 100% solid when cured, and  are both VOC and odor free products. Several colors are available with  factory added pigments and dyes.

Polyurea offers many advantages, including its physical properties; these include polyurea’s ability to cure quickly and return the area to service. Polyurea can usually return an area to service with greater speed than traditional coatings, minimizing down time and reducing revenue loss. This savings is especially noticeable when polyurea is installed on water tanks, waste-water clarifiers, parking garages and chemical storage tanks.

Where can polyurea coatings be applied?


Polyurea can be applied over a many different substrates (metals, concrete, wood, etc.) in a wide range of temperature and humidity environments. 

Recommended Applications 

1. Leak-proof membranes for chemical storage.

2. Storage of toxic products, underground dump sites and other applications where leaks and spills must be prevented.

3. Steel storage tanks, underground pipes, bridges and any application where corrosion must be prevented.

4. Sealant for cracks including concrete, metal and pavement.

5. Truck beds, weatherproofing, statues and many more everyday industrial, commercial and residential uses.