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Why Choose Foam Tight Insulation for your spray foam insulation needs?

Spray Foam Insulation


Foam insulation is a green insulation. It does not shrink, settle, or dis-integrate like conventional insulation.  Spray foam insulation is the healthy alternative to fiberglass and cellulose. Spray foam does not emit any harmful ozone destroying gases, such as HFCs and HCFCs or formaldehyde. 

Unlike fiberglass, when you touch sprayed foam, it will not move or cause skin irritation. Most import-antly, foam insulation does not loose  its R-value and spray foam does not support molds or mildew. 

Unlike cellulose and fiberglass, foam  insulation does not require air circulation to be effective. This allows  the foamed area to be draft-free and stops air leakage and heat loss. Therefore, your heating and cooling units will require less usage.

Polyurethane Spray Foam Roofing Systems


  • We have been spraying urethane spray foam  (polyurethane spray foam insulation) for over 40 years and we continue  to be leaders in our field. We were pioneers of spray foam roofing, and  we have completed roofing projects that are still performing for over 30  years. We use only the best spray polyurethane foam produced by top  manufacturers.
  • Polyurethane foam roof systems can provide a leak-proof monolithic roofing system that is virtually impervious to water.

Silicone & Polyurea Roofing Systems & Coatings


  • We install the  only 95% solid, 100% solvent-free silicone roof coating available on the  market today. By applying our unique silicone coating over your  existing damaged (or new) roof, we can eliminate the need for costly  roof tear-offs. This seamless, gapless, waterproof system prevents water  from infiltrating your roof which stops future roof failures and leaks.
  • We can apply silicone over numerous roof  systems including a rusty metal roof, an EPDM roof, and a foam roof. The  silicone system fully adheres to the roof substrate which eliminates the  common sources of leaks and pooling water beneath roofing materials.
  • Polyureas  are spray-applied membranes that are ideal for protection of metal,  steel, polyurethane foams, concrete structures. Polyureas are also  spray-applied to geo-textile applications and offer a UV stable and  chemical resistant membrane. Cured polyurea can follow any contour and  provide a monolithic containment barrier. Both tough and flexible,  polyureas are membranes that resist thermal stresses and are used to  compensate for substrate cracking.
  • Polyureas are 100% solid when cured, and  are both VOC and odor free products. Several colors are available with  factory added pigments and dyes.