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Open-Cell Spray Foam: The Greenest Insulation On The Market!

Benefits of Open-Cell Spray Foam:

Our open-cell spray foam is a water-blown semi-rigid polyurethane foam that can be installed in attics, crawlspaces, new, and existing walls. It can be used for sound-proofing. Below are some of the many benefits of open-cell spray foam:

1. Increased energy efficiency by reducing heating and cooling costs by as much as 50%.

2. Reduces air leakage around sill plates,windows, doors, piping electrical outlets, and seals cracks. Open-cell spray foam is ideal for home insulation, commercial insulation, and industrial insulation projects.

3. Reduces airborne sounds, including noise from home theaters, road traffic,pipes, planes, trains, and neighbors.

4. Environmentally friendly because our open-cell foam does not use any harmful chemicals for its blowing agent. Instead,our open cell foam uses water as its blowing agent, so the only byproduct of the application is water vapor; it is the only true green insulation on the market. Moreover, our open cell foam does not contain any ozone destroying gases, such as HFCs and HCFCs or formaldehyde.

5. Perhaps the biggest advantage of open-cell spray foam is the ability to install the foam into existing walls. We can safely install our open-cell foam into walls that are covered with sheetrock from either inside the structure our from the outside. Call us for details.

We can also install open-cell spray foam into new and existing residential and commercial projects,including ceilings, walls, and crawl spaces.

6.Dust free insulation reduces allergens, pollen and external dust from entering the home or commercial building.

7. Unlike blown in cellulose and other types of blown in insulation, open-cell spray foam will never crumble, deteriorate, or shrink.

8. Faster completion. Because our open-cell spray foam is water-blown, we can install the spray foam in one pass and finish your project sooner.


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